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Attention Donors:

We ask that you assist us in making the donation process a no-contact exchange to help increase the safety of all parties involved by following the temporary adjustment to our operational procedures:

  • Establish a no-contact pickup location. This location should be somewhere that the food will be safe and covered.
  • Clearly communicate no-contact pickup location with the volunteer when they call ahead.
  • If you have any questions, please call us at: (415) 929-1866

Donate Food

To donate excess nutritional, edible food complete the form below.

A valid San Francisco postal code is required
Since Food Runners is a mostly Volunteer organization, we cannot come right away.
Food must be packaged in containers that you do not need returned.
  Dairy   (e.g. Milk, cheese)
  Meat & Other Protein   (e.g. Beef, chicken, eggs)
  Produce   (e.g. Peppers, eggplant)
  Baked Goods   (e.g. Bread, pastries)
  Prepared - Individually Packaged   (e.g. Sandwiches)
  Prepared - Trays/Multi-Serving   (e.g. Lasagna)

To prevent duplicate donations, please do not refresh your browser after you hit Submit.